Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Videos for Machinima

It's been hard lately to go out and film like I usto. Most of the people I usto skate as well as my self are now caught in the daily grind of work and responsibility that, well, hasn't left us with too much time. However I did get approached by Machinima, world's largest video entertainment network for gamers, to submit some actual real life skating as they are branching outside to where the inspiration for games comes from. Here are a couple of clips I have submitted. If you have been following scummish along and the people connected with it, it may seem old, but there are some new things in there that I haven't released yet, so take a look. Hopefully some time soon, I'll be able to deliver some new content for you. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Justin Cefai 2010 Part

Here I have some footage I put together in a little edit of Justin Cefai that we filmed together last year. It's a mix of the stuff I filmed for the ZJ Boarding House video "ZVD" and unused clips that didn't make the final edit of the dvd.

Music By: Devendra Banhart " Foolin' " from the album "What Will We Be"

Filmed and Edited By: Jesus Grajeda


BS Flip Switch Mani 180 Out Filmed By: Ian Edwards

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Justin Cefai 2010 Part from Jesus Grajeda on Vimeo.